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Website Domain Is Changed

It’s been a long time I haven’t written anything on this blog. Because of some psychological difficulties, I was forced to start medication which decreased my mental ability to function. I’m no better right now, but thought it’s necessary to put myself together and write these few words about changes. So, this website’s TLD is already changed but the old domain is still accessible so you can see this post. But I’m not going to revenue the old domain and it will eventually stop working....

June 6, 2024 · Nadiyar

A youtube channel about CS

If the YouTube algorithm worked correctly only once, that’s when it suggested me a video from Core Dumped channel when I was searching about weak, soft and strong references in Java. Apparently this is a new channel with only 5 videos at the time of writing this blog, explaining memory management concepts with a little bit of focus on Rust. Despite having prior studies about memory management, watching these videos offering proper visualization and clear explanation taught me one or two points....

March 29, 2024 · Naadiyaar

PTM done right

Let’s talk about Personal Task Management(PTM). It’s always being said one tool can’t work best for everyone and people should choose their instruments themselves. There is not a single tool suitable for everything and everyone, and it’s always part of the work to find the right tool. And for the first time ever, finally I know how to get things done and seeing my tasks list is actually shrinking. Here I’m going to write about my approach which might work, or at least inspire you too....

March 17, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Switching from LineageOS

Last year I bought a Google Pixel 7a and the most important reason for this choice was because I’ve heard Google phones are well compatible with custom ROMs. I wanted to continue my journey and escape from invisible cage that wicked proprietary software was holding me inside, this time completely. Get free from Google (software at least) and embrace free software services, and LineageOS was the phone operating system to go with....

March 14, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Why is light affected by gravity?

My mere understanding of this phenomenon is since photons have no mass, gravity doesn’t affect light directly. Rather changes light’s traveling path. Light travels along geodesics and goes through the closest path between two points, which is (approximately) a straight line. But due to gravity of massive objects the space-time in which light travels in is curved. Therefore photons must travel through the curve and it seems light is bent by gravity because the geodesics are now manipulated....

March 12, 2024 · Naadiyaar

This blog is man-made!

Content in this post are mostly personal opinions and preferences, and are not based on facts or deep researches. But they are fine choices and still put posts in this blog. So I don’t use AI to form this place. It doesn’t mean I’m not using any writing helper to create better posts but none of them come close to whatever an AI is capable of to. Indeed, if you read texts careful enough you’ll notice enormous mistakes and phrases with critical need for a review :)...

March 11, 2024 · Naadiyaar

The superior UI

Intro Using command line based applications is a choice, and not a normal one but the best choice (anytime possible). That means I use CLI (and TUI) programs as much as possible and in this article I also explain why you should do the same. What is a CLI app why are they better than GUI apps and why they’re real gems among fake jewels. And finally show you some of my favorite CLI programs....

March 3, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Privacy nihilism (P2)

Part 1 also exists as an independent post. But today I decided to share some notes as continue and explore how to overcome privacy nihilism. One thing to remember is philosophical matters usually doesn’t reach to a single solid answer but the person dealing with them only steps into the journey of healing himself/herself so eventually escape nihilism. Now, don’t say privacy is dead because it’s not. In fact, we are winning the privacy war....

February 26, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Privacy nihilism

I came through the term privacy nihilism some time ago, and I was confused how to make connection between these two words and also was amazed (again) that a philosophical word from 18th is being used along a (these days mostly) digital issue. So let’s see what does privacy nihilism mean and probably how to help escape it. What is it? Nihilism If your not aware of nihilism, it’s something you carry it around all of your life....

February 25, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Writing in second language

This blog is not the only place where I write English, in fact in Mastodon I post in English and most of the time I participate in group chats talking in English. And it might seem unreasonable for someone whose mother tongue isn’t English. It seems so difficult to write in second language. Read in second language. Think in second language. And understand a second language. Because it is; it’s hard and unproductive....

February 22, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Why math still exists

I was never good at math. It’s a fact in my life and I can’t remember a single time I got the highest score in a math quiz or exam in class. It doesn’t mean I was bad at math though, in fact unlike other lessons I used to study math regularly, and it helped me to have an insight of what math was about; Even if you don’t commit your life to something, after doing it for 12 years you’ll eventually get idea of what’s it about....

February 18, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Find the way back home

Intro In times of using arrays, where inserting or deleting elements in the middle often requires shifting subsequent elements, when lists grow in size this tasks exponentially become expensive. And traversing over these huge lists make CPUs scream, top proves. But no worries, it’s also possible to traverse from end of the list to the very first node, thus accessing nodes placed in end parts of the list becomes much cheaper....

January 30, 2024 · Naadiyaar

Not a user

Intro Telegram is not just a messenger or even a social media site; it is more like a massive bookmark manager where every group, channel or personal chat you have with fellows is just a bookmark on a special topic. Sometimes you’re the audience for these bookmarks, and sometimes you’re the one in charge. There is also another type of accounts/bookmarks on Telegram, which you can either create or use. Called telegram Bots....

December 8, 2023 · Naadiyaar

Holding a decentrlized online conference

This post is not creative writing, I’m only translating content from Persian, if you know Persian please consider reading the original post. While performing a meeting in a physical space has its own benefits, sometimes we have no choice but to run the conference online. We should try to avoid falling blindly into the limitations of real-world conferences and reduce issues at online gatherings. The following is a method for holding conferences like Software Freedom Day....

December 6, 2023 · Naadiyaar