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Intro Telegram is not just a messenger or even a social media site; it is more like a massive bookmark manager where every group, channel or personal chat you have with fellows is just a bookmark on a special topic. Sometimes you’re the audience for these bookmarks, and sometimes you’re the one in charge. There is also another type of accounts/bookmarks on Telegram, which you can either create or use. Called telegram Bots....

October 6, 2023

Holding a decentrlized online conference

This post is not creative writing, i’m only translating content from Persian, if you know Persian please consider reading the original post. While performing a meeting in a physical space has its own benefits, sometimes we have no choice but to run the conference online. We should try to avoid falling blindly into the limitations of real-world conferences and reduce issues at online gatherings. The following is a method for holding conferences like Software Freedom Day....

July 8, 2023